A colorful hand-drawn search and find book made by kids Kirra (age 9) and Liam (age 8). Follow four lively characters and their friends through several adventures and encounters before arriving at a birthday party. This book was made with their fun-loving little sister in mind but is also a perfect book to share with any fun-loving friend, child or loved one in your life!


This is the first published book in the Find Me! series for Kirra and Liam. They love making books and drawing and have made many more throughout their childhood (too many to count or scan even). 


Hard Cover

Signed by the Illustrators

size: 8.25" x10.25"

pages: 22


This is to pre-sale the second edition book of Kirra & Liam Bogart's 'Find Me! Birthday Edition" book. Pre-orders placed before June 16, 2020 can expect to receive the book by mid to late July 2020. 


Kirra has decided to pass along all the proceeds from the 2nd edition of this book to her school, Westlake Elementary in Santa Cruz CA.  If you would like to make a direct contribution to her Public School, here is a way you can learn more and donate to the PTA (non-profit) (Please add the note that your donation is via 'Find Me!' book). The PTA, along with faculty, staff and students at Westlake Elementary, greatly appreciate your tax deductible donation. Our Tax ID number is 94-6174766. Your generous contribution to our volunteer-based organization will support our award winning Arts Program, additional enrichment programs, and community building activities at school. Donations also help provide teacher, classroom and playground support during the school day. 


Find Me! Birthday Edition Book

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