Ocean Mural for Baby Lua

A year ago a friend and former Google co-worker who also lives in Santa Cruz asked me to do the lettering for her wedding in beautiful Carmel Valley. Of course I took on the challenge, even though I have so much more learning to do in hand writing on surfaces other than paper. This year, when she was in her first trimester of pregnancy she asked me to paint an ocean mural in her baby's room, similar to what I did in my own childrens' room in San Francisco in 2010 when I was expecting my first child. She let me take on whatever I wanted and here is what I came up with.

I wanted water- under and above, and the santa cruz coastline, specifically landmarks that are specific to surfers: Steamer Lane. I wanted to see my style of kelp in there, and the linework that is characteristic of my style. The 8.5 x 10.5 foot mural was finished just the day before baby Lua was born. Welcome to the beautiful world, Lua Lynn Phillips~


©2020  by Joan P Bogart