the she shed.

I work in several spaces. My art studio is just 14 feet away from the house (it is in the backyard). My dining room provides me with a large table space and decent lighting (better than my art studio) in the evenings. And then there's all of the places I wander around snapping photos- on a walk, picking up the kids, on a hike, at the beach, outside my car, next to the baby's crib. I document the story that a flower (or leaf or fabric) carried or perhaps how it became that way. I look for details like lines, softness, is it glossy or matte?... texture mostly. These images are always stored in my personal visual bank, but my phone camera does a handy job of retrieving an image and showing what I saw that day.

I am lucky to have a backyard art studio that I can walk to while the kids are inside, napping or playing a game. At 8 by 14 feet we were impressed that the studio shed was built by California Custom Sheds in about 6 hours- with great care. After the whole family painted the outside in a bold blue color with white trim, we have been slowly working on the interior. My husband has been helping to put up more practical as well as beautiful elements to help make this SHE SHED my haven. Hanging pots for plants or paint brushes. Framed artwork that used to rest on his dresser. A painting Colin made me from before we were dating. Abalone shells from Morro Bay. A succulent wreath made out of paper. A wall of peg boards to hold my artist supplies. A quick-release wooden table (wow $125 on amazon!) that I now use for my computer. A small but tall work space that I found on the street (finders keepers!). We even camped out in it a few nights with an aerobed and I must say I think if it actually had a bathroom it would book well on airbnb.

I look forward to my time in the art studio / she shed. A place to create, hang up my (and the kids') artwork, draw, carve, paint, and enjoy snacks that my husband delivers to me on the weekends. It is a gallery of the creations I've made since moving to Santa Cruz, which is actually when I started dabbling with printmaking. Now where am I going to store my flat file drawer? ;)

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